Polluted playgrounds pose a danger to thousands of children, analysis shows – Telegraph.co.uk

ClientEarth air quality lawyer Alan Andrews said: “Thousands of children in this country are playing in playgrounds near illegally polluted roads.

“This is a legal and moral failing of our political leaders that puts children’s health at risk at a time when they are still growing and therefore vulnerable. Naturally, parents want something to be done. So do we.”

The campaign also features a video of young children from two schools suffering from nearby air pollution.

Billboard adverts are going up in some of the most polluted towns and cities, including Birmingham, Cardiff, Derby, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester and Southampton, with details of the number of schools in the area near polluted roads.

Katie Horwood, headteacher at Chestnuts Primary in Haringey, north London, said: “We have a duty to protect the health of children who attend the school. As well as educating them in class, we need to let them exercise in the playground.

“Pupils should be able to breathe healthy air when they are outside, but like many schools we have busy roads nearby and there seems to be a collective failure of those in power to take action to protect young people’s lives and lungs.”


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