E-books sales to drop as bookshelf resurgence sparks ‘shelfie’ craze – Telegraph.co.uk

Bookshelves are making a comeback in living rooms as a “shelfie” interior design craze is sweeping the UK.

Brit’s increasing desire to show off their personality and intellect through their book collections is boosting book sales, but will see sales of e-books fall for the first time ever, consumer analysts have predicted. 

According to Mintel sales of physical books are forecast to rise by 6 per cent this year to £1.7 billion while sales of e-books are predicted to fall by 1 per cent to £337 million in 2017.

Experts said consumers’ growing tendency to invest in physical books was partly down to a trend for bookshelves, which they believe make them look more interesting to dinner party guests and on social media. 

Over the next five years sales of print books are forecast to grow by 25 per cent to reach £2.1 billion, Mintel said, while e-books will see only marginal year-on-year increases to reach £383 million in 2022.


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