Children could be banned from flying drones under new safety crackdown –

To combat this the DfT is planning to erect force fields around areas where drones could pose a high threat to safety or law enforcement. At present the maximum fine is £2,500, but this is set to increase. 

Mr Grayling explained: “Basically it is an electronic signal, that effectively, the best way of comparing it is that you can jam a radio signal, you can jam a mobile phone and this effectively has the same effect that stops a drone moving to a particular place.”

He added: “We are going to have a national registration scheme above a certain size so not the stuff that comes from a toy shop but once you get a drone above a certain scale it’s going to be on the national registration scheme so it can be tracked.

“So if a drone flies around an airport it will be possible pretty easily to find out who’s done it. And then we are going to have tough penalties for those who fly around airports. It is absolutely unacceptable for any drone to be hovering around the runway of an airport and so we will have a registration scheme so we know who you are and then you will be prosecuted.”


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