Why Richard Sherman drove to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital for Ellie – The News Tribune (blog)

No matter what you think of Richard Sherman, of his football, of his 2016 season or the Seahawks, in general, what the three-time All-Pro cornerback did this week in Tacoma matters most of all.

Just ask Ellie.

Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and Health Center in Tacoma shared this.

But many have criticized Seahawks players as being self-serving for publicizing visits such as these, such as Russell Wilson’s weekly visits to Seattle Children’s hospital that I’ve seen first-hand transforms patients, families and staff there. Yet these are heightened times for Seahawks players to show they are walking the walk instead of merely talking the talk. Some of them have been sitting during the national anthem, in Michael Bennett’s case since mid-August. All of them have stayed inside their locker room during it, to protest the mistreatment of minorities and need for police reform in our country.

Next week there will be an NFL meeting with owners and top player leadership on what to do going forward with social activism and the anthem. Seahawks such as Sherman, Wilson, Bennett and Doug Baldwin (who last month announced the players have started an action fund for education and police reform), among others, want all to know they are out in the community trying to use their platform as famous professional athletes to make a difference in society. Be that Baldwin meeting with Washington attorney general Bob Ferguson and police leadership in our state or Sherman bringing gifts to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.

Yeah, it’s not football. It’s not playing cover-3 or knocking down passes or providing run support or getting back atop the NFC West.

I’m thinking Ellie and her family believe it ultimately matters more than that.


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