A toddler couldn’t have done this with any more sweetness.

Elsa, the 2-year-old golden retriever employed full-time by Texas Children’s Hospital to help patients heal, spent Tuesday delivering valentines.

She padded the hallways on various floors, carrying her very important mail between her teeth, making sure it reached the proper recipient.

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“She is so beautiful,” patient Abigail Arias said, when Elsa surprised her with a pink, heart-shaped Valentine’s Day card as the little girl’s parents, grandparents and brother looked on.

This was all in a day’s work for Elsa, who has been on the job since Oct. 3 as the Houston area’s only full-time therapy animal that Texas Children’s is aware of.

She enjoys her work because with each task –  with every Valentine delivered – she gets a reward, such as a hug, a pat on the head, a tummy rub or a few treats from her handler.

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Christian Edmonds said Tuesday he’s grateful to Texas Children’s for allowing a therapy dog to visit patients, like his 7-year-old daughter, Isabel, who is receiving oncology treatment.

“Isabel really likes dogs and having someone bring Elsa to visit her really helped to break up the monotony of being in a hospital room all day,” Edmonds said. “This was very special to Isabel.”