Sweet moment: Children’s hospital patient gives player scholarship via T-shirt cannon – CBSSports.com

Schools and coaches have developed creative ways to reward walk-on football players scholarships over the last half-decade, and first-year Minnesota coach P.J. Fleck just orchestrated one of the best. 

Justin Juenemann is a redshirt senior kicker from Phillipsburg, Kansas, who has not seen any game action during his Gopher career. But off the field, Juenemann has been one of the regulars at Minnesota’s Masonic Children’s Hospital. 

So Fleck invited a patient named Kyle in to a team meeting. Kyle told Fleck and the team that the player who he recognized seeing around the hospital most was Juenemann. To reward him, Kyle got to shoot a T-shirt cannon at his favorite player.

The result was incredible.

Juenemann snagged the T-shirt out of the air. When he finally got around to reading it, the text on the shirt read, “Justin, congrats on earning a scholarship.”

“I’ve never seen anybody serve and give more than that guy — who is not a star player,” Fleck said in the video. “Who hasn’t played and his face isn’t recognizable. He could easily just not do it and nobody would ever say anything. All he does is continue to keep his oar in the water and live that holistic life academically, athletically, social and spiritually. You’re sitting here looking at two examples of what our culture can do.”

As a side note, Juenemann’s catch of the T-shirt shot from a cannon was pretty darn impressive in its own right. 


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