Smartphones Blamed For Rise In Head Lice, Holy Name Pediatrician Says – Englewood Daily Voice

FORT LEE, N.J. — Citing a recent study in the U.K., a Fort Lee pediatrician is warning parents that smartphones could be the reason for a dramatic rise in head lice among schoolchildren gathering together to look at screens.

“Lice don’t jump, they don’t fly. They are transferred through intimate contact — head-to-head contact,” Holy Name Medical Center’s Janet Lazieh of Exelcare Pediatrics said.

“Looking at screens or taking selfies, it would make sense that lice could spread.”

A study of 200 schoolchildren was recently

published in The Telegraph

found that:

  • Youth who used smartphones or tablets: 65 of 104 experienced headlice.
  • Youth who did not use smartphones or tablets: 29 of 98 did not experience headlice.

Lazieh warned that less time in the classroom doesn’t necessarily mean less risk of headlice.

“Camp is the time when kids will be spending more time gathered around their phones,” the pediatrician said.

“The summer is when we should be reminding children to be careful of the time they are spending watching things on electronics, making head-to-head contact with other children.”

Lazieh is urging parents to prohibit children from sharing combs/brushes and hats to avoid headlice as well.


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