Mom and medical professional weigh in on vaccination debate – Valley News Live

“Start putting the pressure back on adults if they think vaccines do what big pharma says they do.”

That’s the opinion of one local mom who says she’s not getting her kids vaccinated. She didn’t want to be identified because she doesn’t want to put her kids at risk.

She messaged us on Facebook saying: “Many people, like myself, choose not to vaccinate for religious, philosophical, or medical reasons. She says there are also a lot of peered reviewed studies proving there is a link between vaccines and neurological damage.”

According to North Dakota state law, kids need to be up to date on certain vaccines before they attend both school and child care. However, there are medical, philosophical or religious exemptions in the state.

Health officials say getting your kids vaccinated is about more than just your kids’ health.

“We are not seeing these diseases but if we stop vaccinating, they will quickly come back,” says North Dakota Department of Health Immunization Surveillance Coordinator Lexie Barber.

Barber says they are misconceptions about the dangers of vaccines.

“Because they are going into healthy individuals, they are held to higher standards than most drugs or anything like that. There is a lot of studying and research into vaccines before they are approved and even after they are approved we continue to watch for any safety issues,” says Barber.

Last year the state had 3.3 percent of kids that claimed a vaccination exemption according to Barber. She urges parents to get their children vaccinated, but the mom we spoke with says the health department isn’t changing her mind.

“I think society really needs to stop putting so much pressure on infants and small children who have immature blood-barriers and fragile immune systems.”


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