Lurie Children’s Hospital seeks state permission to add beds for cancer patients – Chicago Tribune

Lurie Children’s Hospital wants to add another 24 beds for cancer patients — the hospital’s latest attempt to grow, even as other area hospitals pull back on their pediatric offerings.

The hospital has filed an application with the state to double its intensive care unit beds for children with cancer and blood disorders, at a cost of $27 million. If the state approves the project, Lurie’s total number of beds will jump from 336 to 360.

“We have been seeing so many more children with cancer and blood disorders the past several years that we need to double the number of our beds,” Lurie spokeswoman Julie Pesch said in an email.

The hospital sees more kids with cancer and blood disorders than any hospital in Illinois, according to its application. Adding the 24 beds would help the hospital serve cancer and blood disorder patients who qualify for intensive care, but now are hospitalized in other units.


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