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JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. – Ashlee Lynch’s one year old son Elijah is a little ball of energy, which isn’t always a good thing when he’s in the hospital. However, Lynch says the one thing that can keep her son still, is Mickey Mouse.

“We brought Mickey Mouse DVDs from home and he was able to watch those and just kind of kept him calm and content in his crib,” Lynch says.

She’s referring to a trip to the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital in Knoxville last year, but Elijah is a frequent patient at Niswonger Children’s Hospital. He’s one of just three kids in the St. Jude’s Clinic with a rare blood disorder called hereditary spherocytosis. Elijah’s body attacks his own red blood cells. His mom says it could be fatal if he doesn’t get blood transfusions.

“You try to be strong for them but it’s hard to see it like that,” Lynch says. “He’s stronger than I am. He takes it like a champ.”

Niswonger’s patient rooms are already filled with toys and all sorts of arts and crafts.

“Anything from coloring and bubbles to art canvases,” Amanda Ward, the interim child life manager for the hospital’s Child Life Department, says.

But Lynch feels portable DVD players could help boost each patients experience, just like it did for Elijah.

“I know kids have those movies they’re hooked on, the shows that they’re hooked on that could keep them still and occupied for hours,” she says.

There are 34 rooms at Niswonger. Lynch hopes to collect and donate enough DVD players to put one in every other room.

“Our whole program operates off of donations from the community,” Ward says. “We wouldn’t be able to really provide all of these awesome things for patients and families if it weren’t for community members.”

Lynch is taking personal donations of DVD players, of you can donate money through her GoFundMe page by clicking here. You can find more information about Lynch and her cause on her GoFundMe page.

The children’s hospital is always looking for donations of any kind. If you’d like to help, you can find more information by clicking here.


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