‘Christmas in July’ helps kids in Marshfield Children’s Hospital – WSAW

MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) – The calendar says July, but at the Marshfield Children’s Hospital, it’s looking more like Christmas.

Santa Claus and his biker friends made a big entrance with the rumbling engines of several motorcycles Saturday morning. It was all to see the kids who are under the hospital’s care.

One of those kids was 7-month-old Hudson Polansky.

“He liked Santa, he liked the motorcycles. He likes motorcycles a lot,” Traci Polansky, Hudson’s mother said.

Hudson has been under the care of the hospital after getting sick.

“Had a pretty bad GI bug, dehydration,” Polansky explained. “Was here just to get fluids, and get better to go home.”

As part of Christmas in July, Santa makes a yearly appearance in the summer just for the kids. He brings hundreds of presents, and of course, some holiday cheer.

“He has only two goals on Christmas in July. And that is to put the smiles on the children’s faces, and have their parents smile also,” Santa Claus explained.

But Santa doesn’t just bring toys. Thanks to community businesses and organizations, Christmas in July raises thousands of dollars every year to bring new tools into the hospital that benefit the children being treated. This year, it’s virtual reality goggles, which help relieve stress before treatments and operations.

“Through the virtual reality goggle systems, the hospital does not have to give the child drugs before surgery or procedures,” Santa said.

It’s proof that even though Christmas may be months away, the holiday spirit is alive and well.

“It means a lot to us. And it just gives the kids a little bit more and kinda brightens their day,” Polansky said.

This year’s Christmas in July is expected to raise more than $20,000. Last year, the group effort raised enough money to put Nintendo Wiis in every room of the hospital’s pediatric ward.


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