Children’s Hospital Colorado Jr. Reporter: Caleb Aldrich – (blog)

Dear Mr. Fowler,

I enjoyed getting to meet you and learn more about you!

It was interesting to learn that your favorite things about football were playing in front of about 70,000 fans and winning the Super Bowl. I liked learning that if you couldn’t play football you would be a coach.

It was fun to learn that you grew up in Michigan. I’ve been to Michigan near Michigan State University (MSU) to visit relatives. I can see why your favorite color is green.

I hope someday I can travel to Italy, your favorite place you’ve traveled to. We share the same favorite food – pizza – yum! When you’re not playing football, it sounds like fun to relax with your dog (Franklin) and play video games. When I grow up I hope I can drive a truck like you!

Thank you for the interview,


Thank you to everyone on the tour and everyone I got to meet during my time as a Jr. Reporter! I enjoyed watching practice and getting to ride in the golf cart. It was fun to meet some of the other Broncos and have Demaryius Thomas stop to talk to me after practice. It was great to have a snack in the Broncos’ Cafeteria. I got to see the players’ locker room and stand in a locker. There were lots of meeting rooms and comfy coach chairs.

Go Broncos!

Thank you,



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