After Hurricane Irma, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital deals with spike in child injuries – Local 10

HIALEAH, Fla. – Jeimy Solis was waiting for a miracle. Her 10-year-old daughter remained at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Saturday clinging to life. 

Melanie Martinez was among the many children who arrived to the hospital with Hurricane-Irma related injuries this week.

“What we are seeing now a lot is a lot of cuts and lacerations from pieces of metal, nails,” Dr. Barbara Pena said. “Kids running around without shoes and stepping on things.”

What hurt Melanie remained a mystery. Without air conditioning after the storm in Hialeah, she developed a fever and was hospitalized Tuesday.

Melanie didn’t improve. She was in intensive care and was suffering from swelling to the brain. Doctors considered heat exhaustion or a heat stroke, as well as carbon monoxide poisoning, but as of Friday night the results of the tests were inconclusive.

Solis said she was grateful for the public’s concern and remained hopeful. She released a statement late Friday night. 

“We welcome all prayers for the recovery of our precious girl,” Solis said. 


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