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Star Wars, as the great visionary George Lucas once said, is like poetry: it rhymes. That’s why so many of the titles within each Star Wars trilogy sound similar to one another — first we had Return Of The Jedi in 1983, and now we have The Last Jedi in 2017.

Except, what if The Last Jedi had been released when Return Of The Jedi did? What would it have looked like — or, more accurately since we don’t actually know what the movie is like yet, what would its trailer look like? Video editor The Sleepy Skunk, who jokingly calls himself the Roger Corman of YouTube, produced just such a VHS-inspired experiment for ScreenCrush. Whether or not you were alive in 1983, trust me when I tell you it’s going to hit all your nostalgia buttons in just the right way.

For comparison, here is a trailer for the release of Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi, which is the origin of all that “return” voiceover from the parody trailer.

Unfortunately we’ll have to wait until December 15 when The Last Jedi is released to find out if it succeeds at delighting moviegoing audiences in the same way that Return Of The Jedi did. But come on… it’s got Mark Hamill training Daisy Ridley! I, for one, refuse to believe that could be disappointing in any way.

Do you think Screencrush’s trailer got the ’80s VHS aesthetic right? Let us know what you think in the comments, and tell us if you have any favorite wacky trailers that you remember from growing up!

Image: Lucasfilm


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