Try not to cry: ‘Star Wars’ tribute to Carrie Fisher reveals never-seen footage of Princess Leia – Los Angeles Times

Star Wars Celebration, a convention that strictly caters to the fans of a galaxy far, far away, will launch in Orlando, Fla., this weekend.

But before the four-day extravaganza of cosplay, screenings, games and major reveals for the future of the “Star Wars” franchise, Lucasfilm and Disney aired a tribute to the lost member of the original film. Carrie Fisher, the actress, author and beloved face of an intergalactic rebellion, passed away on Dec. 27.

As a tribute, Celebration screened a five-minute video with behind-the-scenes footage from her days as Princess Leia, past interviews and remembrances from her co-stars.

Warning: It’s fairly hard to watch without getting teary-eyed, especially when director Rian Johnson is seen leading Fisher on the set of the next episodic film, “The Last Jedi.” It’s presumably Fisher’s last (non-computer-generated) “Star Wars” cameo.

Fans at the 40th-anniversary panel also received an exclusive Fisher remembrance poster, which is already being hawked on EBay for a whopping $399.99.


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