Spider-Man: Homecoming: Marvel and Sony’s superhero outing tops Box Office, surpassing previous estimates – The Independent

This Summer, Hollywood has seemingly suffered from ‘franchise fatigue’, numerous blockbusters — such as Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Transformers 5, and Despicable Me 3 — underwhelming at the US box office.

However, superhero flicks have bucked the trend; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 managed $385.5 million (£300 million) in the United States and Canada, while Wonder Woman has outgrossed both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad in the country. 

Despite being the second reboot of Spider-Man in recent memory, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man: Homecoming has managed a $117 million (£90.7 million) debut weekend, making a further $140 million (£108 million) worldwide.

Analysts initially predicted the film would take around the $100 million mark, but thanks to a strong showing from a younger audience, Homecoming far surpassed those estimates.

“This is a triumphant return of Spider-Man, it’s one of the best-reviewed superhero movies of all-time and an incredible win for Sony and Marvel,” Sony’s president of worldwide marketing and distribution Josh Greenstein told Deadline.

Homecoming marks the first Spider-Man film to be co-produced by Marvel Studios and Sony, the character having first appeared in Captain America: Civil War: one of the many reasons Homecoming has succeeded is thanks to the character’s inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Reviews for the film have been glowing, many praising the lead actor and the high-school setting. Homecoming — which also stars Robert Downey Jr, Michael Keaton, Donald Glover, and Zendaya — is currently playing in cinemas. 


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