SNL: Watch Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Return to Hit Donald and Ivanka Trump Where It Hurts – Vanity Fair

Last week Saturday Night Live cheated a little by effectively placing a second cold open featuring Melissa McCarthy’s scorching debut as Sean Spicer in the middle of show. But this week, despite having Donald Trump impersonator-in-chief Alec Baldwin on hand for the entire episode, S.N.L. didn’t make its audience wait for McCarthy’s return and the sketch itself went right for the jugular.

Right from the jump, the writers and McCarthy addressed Spicer’s main criticism of her performance last week. Spicer recommended McCarthy “slow down on the gum chewing; way too many pieces in there.” The comedian was happy to oblige.

In addition to bringing back the greatest hits from last week’s sketch—the gum, the moving lectern, the dolls—McCarthy also rolled through a series of high points from the Trump administration’s bumpy week. Spicer’s repeated gaffe about a non-existent terrorist attack Atlanta and Kellyanne Conway’sfree commercial” for Ivanka Trump both got the “Spicy” treatment. Best of all, while McCarthy was mocking Conway and Ivanka, she managed to hit Spicer (and Trump) where it hurt. Propping her leg up on the lectern and flashing an Ivanka brand shoe, McCarthy reminded the press secretary and the president of the United States of her gender—reportedly the sorest spot of her impression last week.

And while Rosie O’Donnell wasn’t on hand to play Steve Bannon (despite the internet’s dearest wish), S.N.L. did tap another woman on their staff to play a male member of the Trump administration. Kate McKinnon took the stage as a toothy Jeff Sesssions claiming “We all know there are two kinds of crime: regular and black” before Spicer pulled him away.

[Video courtesy of Uproxx.]


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