On Star Wars and ‘The Last Monks of Skellig Michael’ – Aleteia EN

A fast-take interview with Philip Kosloski on an unusual “green martyrdom.”

The striking, if brief, final visuals in Star Wars: The Force Awakens moved our staff writer Philip Kosloski to identify the location for our readers, that being Skellig Michael, off the coast of Ireland.

Intrigued by the landscape, Phil let his curiosity drive him to further investigate the background of that mysterious place, and ultimately to write a book about it, one with a title that sounds like it could fit right in with the Star Wars realm: The Last Monks of Skellig Michael. Here he tells Aleteia a little about the “green” monks who lived there.

2) If you could give this book another title, what would it be?

6) What is the ideal beverage to have in hand while reading your book?


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