More Than 100 Items Stolen From World’s Largest Private ‘Star Wars’ Memorabilia Collection, Says Owner – Variety

Over 120 pieces from the largest private collection of “Star Wars” memorabilia was stolen from its Bay Area owner.

“Star Wars” enthusiast Steve Sansweet blames a trusted friend for stealing the dozens of items — worth $200,000 — that went missing from his growing 40-year-old collection.

Police arrested his friend Carl Cunningham, after a Southern California dealer suspected Cunningham, a Georgia resident, was selling stolen goods.

“We were totally devastated that someone we considered part of the family, someone who stayed with us, someone we shared meals with would do something like that,” Sansweet told ABC7 News.

His entire collection contains about 400,000 items, including every action figure, a wind-up R2D2 worth $5,000, and a cardboard Death Star worth $1,000. Most items that went missing are from a vintage period between 1977 and 1986.

“It was a piece of the movie, bringing home a piece of the movie,” Sansweet said. “I didn’t mean to have the world’s largest collection, it just happened.”

Franchise star Mark Hamill suggested that Sansweet publish a list of the stolen items to prevent potential victims from buying it.

Sansweet remains optimistic that some of his collection will return.

“We have faith in the force,” he said.

Other “Star Wars” affiliates also weighed in on Twitter:


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