For someone who played with Legos as a child, you could not imagine my surprise when I walked inside the Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council’s River North Gallery to find a massive amount of beautifully crafted LEGO masterpieces.

Henderson Junior High student Carter Cole, 12, and Gilbert Intermediate student Conner Jones, 11, have been building LEGO masterpieces for years and were asked to put them on display for the CTFAC’s latest exhibit through June 30.

“I started when I was six or seven and the (Star Wars) Death Star is my favorite,” Carter said. “It feels pretty cool that everyone can see them.”

Carter plays basketball and the trumpet in school and is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. His goal is to play trumpet in the TCU band and get a degree in architecture.

Another impressive piece is Carter’s LEGO Disney Castle with several little rooms, including Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.

“I’m so proud that it’s an art display and it’s funny because he has mentioned going into architecture, so these must be linked,” said Carter’s mother Clair Cole. “These are amazing and if you’re off just one piece, the entire thing doesn’t work.”

Conner began building when he was four and said his favorite piece is the Star Wars Star Destroyer ship, however, another impressive piece he created was the U.S. Capitol building.

“I like doing this because it’s hard and it gives me a challenge,” Conner said.

Conner is active in Boy Scouts Troop 39 and enjoys camping, fishing, baseball, basketball, and of course, LEGOs.

The idea of this exhibit was suggested by Marion Cole, Carter’s grandmother, after a discussion with CTFAC Executive Director Julie Crouch Smith about holding another exhibit for kids.

“These enormous LEGO creations take a very long time and they’re very involved. It’s like walking into a movie in progress,” Crouch Smith said. “They come with these architectural manuals and it develops the brain in such a good way. It’s such a positive thing for them to do.”

An artist reception for the boys will be held from 5-7 p.m. Thursday at the River North Gallery.