Kevin Feige Hopes To Reacquire All Marvel Characters One Day –

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is already a massive place, but fans can’t help but ask for more. The franchise spans more than a dozen films, and hundreds of characters have graced both the big and small screen. From the Avengers to the Guardians of the Galaxy, the MCU houses dozens of high-profile heroes, but audiences want more. Legal tape has kept the X-Men and Fantastic Four out of the MCU, but fans have not given up hope that those heroes may one day enter the growing franchise.

And, apparently, the president of Marvel Studios is holding out hope as well.

Recently, Jeremy Lasky shared an interview he did with Kevin Feige about the future of the MCU. The co-founder of Perception, the company in-charge of Marvel Studio’s logo designs, asked if Feige would be interested in bringing more Marvel characters to the MCU. Here’s what the executive producer had to say:

“Yes, of course! My goal is to replicate the experience that comic book fans have reading the books up on the screen and we’ve been able to accomplish that beyond my wildest dreams over the last ten years. And certainly, including Spidey in Civil War, in the upcoming Infinity War, is yet another dream that I didn’t even dare to talk about publicly because I thought the odds of it were very slim,” Feige said.

“So, no plans beyond that for the few remaining characters that aren’t already in the MCU but never say never. Who knows what can happen in the future?”

Right now, fans will likely need to continue dreaming about such a superhero crossover. While Marvel Studios has been able to work with Sony Pictures to bring Spider-Man to the MCU, 20th Century Fox is less amicable. In the past, reports have stressed that the relationship between Marvel and Fox are less-than-ideal. With the latter studio planning to overhaul its X-Men Cinematic Universe, it is hard to think that Fox would willingly seek out the MCU.

However, the studio might be willing to lend the Fantastic Four. Fox has given two go’s at the superhero family, but neither series has sat well with fans. In fact, Fox’s most recent take on the Fantastic Four bombed at the box-office, and fans left theaters feeling cheated by the overly gritty feature.

While it’s nice to imagine a cinematic universe with all of Marvel’s characters, the logistics behind such a project are difficult to imagine. At this time, Marvel Studios is working at max capacity to film Avengers: Infinity War – and the massive blockbuster’s cast would pale in comparison to the crossover Feige has dreamt up.

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Still, where there is a will there is a way. With the comic book industry charging full-speed ahead in Hollywood, the scale of the MCU will only continue to grow. And, if fans are lucky, then Marvel Studios may strike a trifecta deal with Sony and Fox along the way.


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