Inside the mesmerizing world of a LEGO packaging facility – AOL

LEGO has long been a staple for molding the creative minds of young children as well as ambitious builders of all ages. The endless opportunities for construction, as well as their instruction-based packages with themes like Star Wars, have turned a labor of love into collector’s items.

In 2017, LEGO is on the cusp of their second movie, The LEGO Batman Movie, and shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to continuing to dominate the toy industry and now the entertainment industry.

While more and more children are engaging with screens instead of toys, LEGO is planning to launch ‘LEGO Boost’ as a way to straddle the line between tactile play and the digital world. This latest endeavor will allow children to code their creations and make them move to their heart’s content.

From the companies foundation in 1932 to present day, masterful creations comprised of LEGOs have become quite the norm. From the local masterpiece displayed outside the LEGO store in your favorite mall to actual LEGO artists, we’re very used to marveling at the geometric pieces on a grand scale.

A side of the LEGO we rarely see is where these toys are packaged. Oddly enough, the facilities and the assembly process are quite mesmerizing due to their repetitive nature. The perfectly stacked storage containers and cascading lego pieces provide an aesthetically pleasing colorful dreamland for any organization lover.

Take a look inside below:


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