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Halle Berry can hold her liquor.

SAN DIEGO — The Comic-Con crowd learned that, no question, Halle Berry can hold her liquor.

During a panel for spy sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle, a bottle of bourbon was passed around for the cast. Berry’s co-star Channing Tatum played bartender, pouring her a rather full glass — which Berry proceeded to chug, much to the audience’s delight and cheers. She finished with a pratfall to the ground as Tatum cracked up beside her.

“It happened one time in my life. Not again,” Berry joked later after her adult beverage.

Golden Circle returns Taron Egerton as superspy Eggsy of the Kingsman organization. When their British headquarters blow up, Eggsy and Merlin (Mark Strong) head to Kentucky to meet up with their counterparts of Statesman. While Kingsman’s cover is a London tailor shop, Statesman’s is a distillery.

The Yanks were on full display during the Comic-Con panel. Egerton praised his co-star Tatum, who plays Southern secret agent Tequila, and his physical prowess: ”Don’t get in a fight with Channing Tatum.”

In a little bit of a culture switching, Tatum reveals he wears an English bowler hat as well as American cowboy headwear. Was it his first time in a bowler? “Maybe not? I might have really liked A Clockwork Orange. Maybe I like to get a little weird,” Tatum said, laughing. He admitted being a “fan fan” of the first Kingsman. “I was begging to be in this movie.” (Tatum also proved that chivalry isn’t dead, pulling out Berry’s chair for her to sit down.)

Jeff Bridges was on hand to talk about his character, Statesman leader Champagne (aka Champ), and weighed in on how to best pronounce “lasso,” which caused some dispute among Brits on set. ”We call it a rope.”

Berry described her Statesman IT guru Ginger Ale as “a tech-y, brainy nerdy character. She has hidden depths.”

About being a Statesman, Tatum said, ”you have to be able to drink and fight, first.” For Berry? “You can down a glass of bourbon and still stand. And don’t get your hair messed up doing it.”



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