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Before he was Dougie Jones, Twin Peaks‘ Agent Cooper was in the Black Lodge. You can play with his toy either way, of course, but the scary-eyes Laura Palmer that comes with him in this San Diego Comic-Con exclusive two-pack of POP Vinyls from Funko can only be terrifying, even in cutified form.

And that’s just the start of Funko‘s sixth wave of Comic-Con exclusive reveals (we might have already covered some of the previous waves), this time centered on genre TV (we’d say “cult hits,” but Doctor Who and The Walking Dead are way beyond that at this point). From Mr. Robot, we get Elliot Anderson in his totally-not-V-for-Vendetta-seriously-Anonymous mask, and from Doctor Who, a long-overdue Clara Oswald, for whom the term “Impossible Girl” may take on a whole new meaning when you’re braving the crowds of Whovians trying to buy her.


While we wait for The Tick to go to series on Amazon, merchandisers are not, as the biggest fan of spoons this side of Tommy Wiseau gets a glow-in-the-dark effigy to remind you that mysteries always abound. And speaking of mysteries, Stranger Things has really taken off in POP form, so it gets two new exclusives: a bloodied (and dare we say even heroic) Steve defiant against the Demogorgon, and Mr. Clarke giving his paper-plate explanation of alternate dimensions.

Because nobody’s going to forget The Walking Dead fans–we do love to buy zombie stuff–T-Dog is here too, ready for battle. But can even he withstand the throngs in the San Diego Convention Center? Will you? Which ones are you camping out for? Check out our gallery below, then POP into our comments section and let us know your faves.

Images: Funko


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