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click to enlarge An example of the carnival ride that malfunctioned at the Ohio State Fair. - PHOTO VIA JUSTINJBUCHANAN/INSTAGRAM
  • Photo via justinjbuchanan/Instagram
  • An example of the carnival ride that malfunctioned at the Ohio State Fair.

As the Ohio State Fair draws to a close this weekend, the repercussions of the deadly accident on one of its rides that killed 18-year-old Tyler Jerrell has been felt across the country as several fairs outside Ohio have removed similar rides.

New Jersey is the latest location to see such action as officials at the Sussex County Fair, which opened on Friday, have removed from the Wild Claw ride because of its similarity to the Fire Ball ride that malfunctioned at the Ohio State Fair on July 26 in Columbus.

The Wild Claw ride was removed from another New Jersey county fair last week in the immediate aftermath of the Ohio accident.

Other locations that have removed similar rides are:

- The Arapahoe County Fair in Colorado, which removed the similar Freak Out ride.

- The Wisconsin State fair, which also removed the Freak Out ride.

- The Greater Gulf State Fair in Mobile, Alabama, which doesn’t take place until the fall, which removed both the Freak Out ride and the same Fire Ball ride that was at Ohio State Fair.

- And the California State Fair in Sacramento, California, which removed its version of the Fire Ball ride.

Meanwhile, the other victims of the Ohio accident continue their recovery. Of the seven riders who were hurt, four remain hospitalized. Two of those victims, Tamica Dunlap and Keziah Lewis (Jerrell’s girlfriend) remain in serious condition while Russell Franks remains in critical condition.

Another victim, 18-year-old Jennifer Lambert, remains in a coma.

The Ohio State Fair comes to a close on Sunday night but the cloud of shock and sadness that continues to radiate from the accident will continue to be felt long after the lights go off for the year.


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