Disney expands nutrition check program to include products with Star Wars, Marvel characters – The Packer

Disney uses a yellow icon with a green check mark to signal to parents that a product meets its nutrition standards.

NEW ORLEANS — The Disney Check program, which identifies products with Disney characters that also meet the nutrition standards of the company, has been expanded to include products that feature Marvel and Star Wars characters.

The Disney Check icon has traditionally been in the shape of Mickey Mouse, and that will continue on packages that feature Disney characters. For products with Star Wars and Marvel characters, the icon will be the same style and in the same colors but have a different shape.

“Disney is committed to creating healthier generations by making healthy living fun and simple,” Elissa Margolis, senior vice president for enterprise social responsibility, said in a news release. “Parents are looking for positive ways to encourage nutritious eating with their kids, and the expanded Disney Family of Checks puts the full power of the Disney, Star Wars and Marvel brands to work for families.”

The company has had the program since 2012, when it was created in response to many parents reporting that it would be helpful for them to have a kid-friendly icon as a signal for when a food product has nutritional value.

The check icons on the Star Wars and Marvel products will roll out this fall.

Dole, Crunch Pak and Dayka & Hackett are some of the produce companies that license Disney and Star Wars characters for use with their products.


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