Social media has become such a part of our daily routines, we find ourselves receiving more and more requests for challenges to make it more interesting. Like listing our favorite movie from every year we’ve been alive, or nine concerts we saw and one we didn’t. Lately on Twitter, users have been posting the “one like = one something” challenge, wherein if you get 65 likes, you might have to name 65 excellent books or 65 classic films you haven’t seen.

Still, it’s probable that Twitter user Glendon Mellow (@FlyingTrilobite) didn’t know what he was in for when he challenged the Twitterverse with one like equalling one cool thing about the Star Wars prequels, whose quality is a noted issue of contention among Star Wars fans.

Mellow has received 1,100 likes (so far), which is a lot of cool things to find in a trio of movies a lot of people don’t seem to care for. To his credit, Mellow rises to the challenge and seems to know a lot more about that prequel run than most people, making for an interesting if already humungous thread:

As of this writing, likes are still pouring in, so we’re not sure how far along Mellow is in his quest. But it seems pretty certain that even if he hits 2,000 likes, he’ll be able to churn out that many prequel tweets. Maybe he can just compile them all afterward for an already decent-sized book. And he teases that soon he’ll do the same for another divisive trilogy:

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