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Surrounded by an assortment of Avengers and Guardians, Marvel Studios’ chief, Kevin Feige, premiered the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War today at Disney’s D23 convention.

There’s a lot to take away from it. This is the first time that we’re seeing Spider-Man on screen as part of the Avengers (not just as someone Iron Man called in as a favor). This is also the first time that we’re really getting a good look at what Thanos is capable of. He’s a towering madman, throwing superheroes around like they’re ants (even the ones that aren’t ants). The trailer also showed off some footage of Thor and the Guardians getting to know one another as he crashes bodily into their spaceship, unconscious and dusty.

Again, to say that there was quite a bit happening in the trailer would be one hell of an understatement, but that’s not what got me excited about the promises Infinity War may deliver upon. Seeing Spider-Man in the same movie as Iron Man, Thor, Star-Lord and the Scarlet Witch finally feels like Marvel has made the movie it always wanted to — and the one we’ve always wanted to see.

It’s not Marvel’s fault, either, that it took this long. Due to issues with Fox, Sony and Universal, Marvel hasn’t been able to bring all of its characters together. Fox won’t let Marvel use the X-Men or Deadpool, for example, so those characters won’t be in a Marvel movie in the foreseeable future. Sony just recently worked out a deal with Marvel to allow Spider-Man to exist in the same universe as the other Avengers and, since Universal has the rights to a stand-alone Hulk movie, we’ll never get to see a Hulk-centric film produced by Marvel.

This is the reality that we’ve lived with for quite some time. Even as Feige expressed his frustration with the reality of the situation, reiterating that he wanted to do more but couldn’t with his hands being so tied, we learned to accept it. When we got to the first Avengers, it felt like this was as good as it was going to get. Then the Guardians of the Galaxy were introduced … and Doctor Strange … and Black Panther. Marvel continued to introduce characters and, while the universe kept getting bigger, not having Spider-Man there was a big loss.

Then Sony and Marvel put aside their differences, figured out a deal that would be positive for the both studios, and found a way to bring Spider-Man home.

And everything changed.

Now, with Infinity War, the realization of what that means can be seen. The trailer is emotional and not just because it hints at certain characters’ deaths, but also because this is the amalgamation of what we’ve been waiting for. For nearly ten years we dreamt of this reality and to see it play across a massive screen, with diehard Marvel fans literally on their feet and jumping as the footage played, it was impossible to not feel emotional.

Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming felt like teases of what’s to come in Marvel’s next phase. Infinity War feels like what Marvel has been tirelessly building toward. This is the blood, sweat and tears of figuring out how to make a universe — one that people care about — and bringing all the pieces of the puzzle home. Spider-Man feels like just the start of this new world and Infinity War will be the first time that we’ve seen heroes from 22 movies come together in one place.

If ever there was a time to be excited about the future of Marvel, it’s now. The trailer for Infinity War, which can also be read about in more detail, will probably make an appearance during Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con panel. Hopefully, Marvel Studios will publish it on YouTube at that time, but don’t hold your breath — Marvel is notorious for withholding things. Keeping the trailer exclusive to Hall H, unlike Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox, wouldn’t be an unusual move for the company.

But believe me, it is well worth the wait.

Avengers: Infinity War will be released on May 4, 2018.


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