Trump tells reporters’ children they ‘have no weight problems,’ as he passes out Halloween candy – Washington Post

President Trump handed out treats to the costumed children of White House reporters in the Oval Office on Friday.

He passed out a few tricks to their parents, too, in the form of jabs coated in humor.

“I cannot believe the media produced such beautiful children,” the president quipped, gesturing to kids dressed as “Star Wars” characters, super heroes and witches. “How the media did this, I don’t know.”

“Oh,” Trump groaned at one point, “you gonna grow up to be like your parents? Mmm,” he said, shaking his hands. “Don’t answer. That can only get me in trouble, that question.”

Trump tried another question: “So, how does the press treat you? I bet you get treated better by the press than anybody in the world.”

As he passed around a box of candy, the president assured the children that they need not worry about portion size because their waistlines are fine.

“You have no weight problems; that’s the good news, right?” he said. “So, you take out whatever you need, okay? If you want some for your friends, take ‘em. We have plenty.”

Trump isn’t always so charitable toward adults. A former Trump Organization executive told the New York Times last year that Trump once joked that she enjoyed sweets a little too much.

“ ‘You like your candy,’ ” Barbara A. Res recalled Trump telling her. “It was him reminding me that I was overweight.”

“Well, congratulations, folks,” the president told journalists on Friday, wrapping up the photo op. “You did a good job. You did a good job — here you did a good job,” he said, pointing to the children. Then he motioned toward himself. “I wouldn’t say you did very well here.”


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