The States With The Most Affordable Childcare – Forbes

If you’re on the lookout for more affordable childcare, you’re likely to find it in New Hampshire or New Jersey (for a nanny) and North Dakota or Utah (for daycare).

In its fourth annual survey,, which helps families find childcare, elderly care, pet care and more, revealed that among the 1,000-plus parents who participated in the study, nearly  one in three families, on average, spend 20% or more of their household income on childcare. Furthermore, 32% of respondents said they’re willing to go into debt to pay for childcare.

Although 72% of parents budget for childcare, 30% admit that they aren’t able to stay within their monthly budget.

However, where you live can go a long way for how much you’ll need to shell out.

The survey went on to rank the most affordable states for nannies, which cost $565 a week, on average, with New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut and North Dakota topping the charts.

As for the states with the most expensive nannies, Mississippi, New Mexico, Arkansas, West Virginia and Alabama weighed in.

Parents agreed that they were willing to pay more for a nanny who has an early education degree, is certified in CPR/First Aid and who is multilingual and can teach languages to their child. A college degree and organic cooking skills were also important.

When it comes to daycare, which costs $211 a week for a childcare center or $200 a week for family childcare, services in North Dakota, Utah, Delaware, Arkansas and New Jersey were among the most affordable.


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