The Most Shocking Thing About Ivana Trump’s New Parenting Memoir – Slate Magazine

Raising Trump is just as attentive to the wonders of 1980s New York as it is to the deprivations of communist Czechoslovakia. She describes high fashion, fast cars, caviar, big hair, and a gossip eco-system ruled by doyennes like Liz Smith and Cindy Adams. The young girl entranced by fancy furs in Vienna went on to become the muse of furrier Dennis Basso, walking down the runway in a full-length sable coat and swanning around Manhattan in mink. Decades later, she seems to retain no real ill will toward the husband who discarded her so easily. They remain cordial, and Raising Trump makes inadvertently clear why they once got along so well: They are, in some fundamental way, the same. “Together, we made three children who have the best of both of us,” she writes. “And, as I’ve always said, if you can’t be the best, don’t bother.” (She makes zero reference to the allegations of sexual assault she once directed at her ex, then later disavowed.)


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