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Gisele Fox, right, backstage at the Anna Sui show on Monday.

Rex Features, via Associated Press

“I found a flower child!” Anna Sui said backstage at Skylight Clarkson studio before her hippie-themed spring 2018 show. The invitations had instructed guests to bring flowers, chimes, feathers, incense and joy. Leading a young blond child by the hand, Ms. Sui looked ready for a Be-In.

What’s a Be-In?

That was a question posed to some models, a group that included both Hadids (Gigi and Bella) and that ranged in age from 4 (Atticus Slowey) to 46 (Kirsten Owen). Among the more mature in the show at 39 was Maggie Rizer, the all-American blonde who just returned to the business 12 weeks after giving birth to her fourth child.

Ms. Rizer, a Staten Island native who lives in San Francisco, conceded that she had some vague sense that hedonistic pot-haze gatherings were once held on Central Park’s Great Lawn in the long-ago 1960s. Anyway, she’d heard of Woodstock.

For newbies like Gisele Fox — a dewy 16-year-old from Seattle who looked like she could have walked off the cover of “The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter,” an album by the psychedelic folk outfit the Incredible String Band — the era Ms. Sui was referring to might as well have been that of Vercingetorix. And, who knows? Perhaps Ms. Sui could consider doing a Gallic warrior thing — woolly pelts, studded breastplates, boots laced with sinews — for fall.

“I have not heard of a Be-In, no,” said Ms. Fox, as four members of Pat McGrath’s makeup crew knelt around her, covering her legs with daisies.

“Well, I remember it all, believe me, and it was wonderful,” said Shirley Mariaschin, a friend of Ms. Sui’s who was seated nearby.

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