Parenting in the age of Trump, Twitter and total chaos – Chicago Tribune

I can’t be the only one finding it tricky to parent during all of this.

Logistically, emotionally, it feels next to impossible to tune out allegations that your president revealed highly classified information to Russia and focus on, say, second-grade spelling words.

And that was just Monday. Of this week.

Every day feels like the dawn of a whole new level of chaos that our psyches aren’t capable of processing, but our culture is perfectly suited for exploiting: Check Twitter! Check it again! What are people saying on Facebook! Oh, come ON, friend from college, you know that half-baked … wait, the White House said what? I wonder how Breitbart is playing — oh, there’s a link. Wait, my favorite thought leader has thoughts. Ack! I haven’t checked Twitter in four minutes! What if there are updates!


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