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Looking back on recent On Parenting posts, I realize it’s been a week of a lot of feelings. One is about the passage of time, as told through the packing up of Legos. There’s a lovely essay about the sob-inducing song “Cat’s in the Cradle,” and how it impacted one young boy. This piece about the new Education secretary and the fact that teachers are going to keep teaching, and more, because that’s what they do for our kids will make you appreciate them even more. There are some lovely new Valentine’s Day books to read with your kids. And speaking of books, I had the chance to speak with R.J. Palacio, the author of “Wonder,” about teaching kids kindness.

Looking for some advice? Here, Meghan Leahy explains how to help a kid who dawdles. And a psychotherapist writes about how to talk to kids about sexual abuse, and how to prevent it.

We have a piece by a stay-at-home dad on how he had to overcome many preconceived notions, and a piece about the newest Disney princess and why she’s such an awesome role model.

Finally, I was also fortunate to talk with these lovely parents about their children, and how they handled it when their younger child told them in every way possible that she is transgender.

We also enjoyed other pieces this week, including:

RBG and the perspective that comes from motherhood. 

These terrific books at A Mighty Girl that can teach kids what it’s like to be a refugee.

And everyone should read this piece, about what it’s like for a family to endure racism every day. (“The black they see isn’t the beautiful shade of brown Frances sees when she looks at her family. It’s a stereotype, one she defies. But that shouldn’t matter, she says. ‘You shouldn’t have to have credentials to not be treated this way.’”)

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