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Hull City’s zonal ticket scheme charged children and seniors the full price.

Hull City breached Premier League ticketing rules last season by not offering concessionary prices to children and senior citizens in certain parts of the KCOM Stadium.

Following complaints from fans, the Premier League charged the club and an independent commission, compromised of two senior barristers and a former club secretary, was set up to consider the case.

The commission’s verdict, announced on Friday, is that Hull were in breach of rule R.8 and must comply with it if they are promoted to the Premier League in the next five years.

In a statement, the Premier League said: “Following the commission’s decision, Hull City has agreed, should the club be promoted to the Premier League in the future, that it will comply with Premier League rules regarding concessions.

“If the club is promoted between 2018 and 2022, it has committed to specifically offering at least 10 percent of its home match tickets to senior citizens and juniors at a discount of no less than 10 percent compared to standard adult prices.

“The Commission found that Hull City acted in good faith throughout its inquiry.”

The club, now in the Championship, responded to the news by defending its policies and prices, and welcomed the commission’s verdict for providing more “clarity” on the rules.

In a statement, it said the introduction of memberships and zonal ticketing, “although controversial”, had lowered overall prices at the ground.

It explained that Hull had the cheapest season and matchday tickets for adults in the league last season and an adult and child could see Premier League football for as little as £18. The club said its season tickets for senior citizens were also among the cheapest.

Press Association Sport reported the Premier League did not dispute any of this and was impressed with the club’s attempts to keep football affordable. The zonal pricing scheme, however, was problematic as it charged everybody — adults, children and senior citizens — the same price.

In its statement, Hull said: “The zonal pricing scheme was developed whilst the club was playing in the EFL Championship and conformed to all Championship rules. However, upon promotion to the Premier League, the club was faced with differing ticketing rules to comply with.

“The club considered that the meaning of these rules was ambiguous and therefore a commission was established under the rules of the Premier League to consider the club’s position.

“The commission in its findings have further defined the rules and the club now has clarity going forward, effectively enabling the continuation of zonal pricing in subsequent Premier League seasons for match-by-match ticket sales.

“Memberships will remain unaffected. Details of any changes to the ticketing and membership scheme in the event of our future promotion to the Premier League will be communicated to supporters at the appropriate time.”


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