Children ‘geo-fenced’ as worried parents create summer surge in demand for GPS tracking devices –

Bryony Hipkin of WATCHU, a Swansea-based manufacturer, says the average parent who buys their GPS watch is aged 30 to 45 and from in the home counties. Some, she said, buy the device to listen in to see if their child is being bullied. “They are often bought from the more affluent areas like London, Surrey and the commuter belt,” she said.

A nursery in the West Midlands is testing them by setting up a “geo-fence” on the app which receives an alert if a child wearing the watch wanders outside a designated zone. Other parents, she says, set up a perimeter around a pub beer garden, a friend’s house or a tourist attraction they are visiting to make sure their child does not stray on days out.

Last December London businessman, Daniel Ivesha, unveiled his hereO device as the “coolest GPS watch for kids” receiving more than 6,000 pre-sales orders. “At least 10,000 have now sold for what is clearly a very popular device with middle-class parents,” he said.


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