3 children medically cleared after being rescued from deplorable home in Mart – KWTX

MART, Texas (KWTX) Three children who were found covered in animal feces and blistering sunburns in a home in Mart on Thursday have been medically cleared and are doing well according to one city official.

The children, ages 2 years, 2 years, and 1 year were found by Mart police who arrested four adults at the scene who were jailed on child endangerment charges.

Behind bars is 62 year old Doyle Cross, 23 year old Wesley Stanford, 24 year old Jana Fisher, and 24 year old Darious Johnson. Cross is being held on a total of 7 thousand dollars in bonds, also charged with failure to identify. Fisher, Stanford and Johnson are being held on bonds of 6 thousand dollars.

In a statement on Friday, Police Chief Paul Cardenas said:

“On July 13, 2017, Mart Police Department received a call from Child Protective Services (CPS), request for assistance. CPS went to the residence to investigate possible neglect of children. They were greeted by one of the home occupants who was hostile towards them demanded they leave and return with a search warrant. CPS called us (Mart PD) because they could hear children crying inside and grew even more concerned for their safety. Officer arrived on scene and met with initial home occupant, who was hostile towards officers and refused to identify himself. This subject was taken into custody and another male exited the residence, who was later identified as Darius Johnson and it was determined he had only been there for a day & 1/2. This subject also denied entry into the residence.

The two initial officers requested assistance and that is when Officer Welch and I arrived on scene. Based on the exigent circumstances (that no one was inside the residence) and hearing children inside still crying, I made the decision to go into the residence. That is when we discovered the children covered in dog feces. All 3 of the children had soiled diapers and it appeared they hadn’t been changed for hours. The dog feces was dried to the soles of their feet and hands, as if they had been playing in it. The dog feces was all over their bodies, including their face and mouth areas. Additionally, the two of the children had severe sun burn on their bodies, which was scabbing over.

Even though, I have seen a similar case, this by far has been the worse I’ve ever seen, the two CPS Agents and initial Police Officer on scene, gagged from the stench of the house and the when they handled the children because they were covered in feces. During the cursory search of additional suspects, we observed clothing, household, and whiskey bottles thrown all over the residence. There was dog feces on bedding, rotting food left out and hundreds of flies throughout the residence.

Based on the initial observation all the occupants of the residence were taken into custody and charged with charged with child endangerment.”

Upon arrival on Friday, News 10 reporters discovered a front yard covered in trash, old furniture, beer cans and used baby diapers.

All four suspects remain in jail on Friday.


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