2 children, dad shot getting snow cones after camp near Columbus Park – Chicago Tribune

Moments after getting picked up from a summer camp in the Austin neighborhood Wednesday, 4-year-old Asante Glover III and his sister 6-year-old Keziah Shealy had hoped to find a quick snack before taking a nap, relatives said.

When they left Columbus Park on the West Side around 4 p.m., the siblings spotted a vendor selling crushed, flavored ice, known as “snowballs,” they thought they’d found the perfect summertime treat.

But before they could make their way to buy a cup, a black car pulled up in the 5500 block of West Van Buren Street and someone inside fired shots, hitting the children and their 27-year-old father.

The snowball vendor rushed to their aid, putting the children and their father in the back seat of her truck and speeding to Mount Sinai Hospital.


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